Interior Architecture

Interior Architecture and Interior Design forms a major part of Christopher Cook Design's work today. 

Angela and her team work closely with their Clients and produce conceptual interior design schemes that reflect their aspirations, budget and lifestyle. These are then developed and detailed, in-house. The team progress and oversee the design, from start to finish. 

Our dedicated designers enjoy working as part of an overall project team. Their role covers not only design but also liaison with architects, contractors and specialists.

Projects undertaken vary in size, from the largest most complex schemes to the simplest. The focus is always on quality.

Typically, our work spans complete new-build properties, house extensions and refurbishment projects for just one room.

Design is all about detail.

A highly experienced team are on-hand to work on every detail including the specification of: Joinery, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Marble Works, Fireplaces and Fibrous Plaster and Bespoke designs, for example.

Custom-designed furnishings, bespoke and architectural design are an in-house speciality.

Client’s expectations are paramount in the process, and we are delighted that we receive so many referrals and follow-up work.

An enthusiastic team is always on hand to assist and gently guide our Clients to a successful conclusion.   

The team have worked Worldwide, including Europe, The Middle East and China.

Property Refurbishment


Angela and her team have enjoyed many successful years working on interior refurbishment schemes, designed for all styles and periods. 

The refurbishment process comprises numerous key elements. The knowledge and experience gained over the years by our team proves invaluable, time and again. Successful refurbishment design and implementation is not about cutting corners, it requires a high level of innovation, skill and project management.

Our design team work with their clients, and contractors, on every element of the project, typically including; electrical, plumbing, audio visual, security, flooring, kitchen and bathroom designs, decorating schedules, to name but a few!

Our extensive library serves as a comprehensive in-house resource, which covers a diverse array of items needed to be chosen and specified for a building refurbishment project, including all the minor items, such as door handles, light switches etc.

From concept to completion – Where required, Angela and her team will provide regular site attendance to monitor progress and iron out any queries as the works proceed.  

With good planning and teamwork projects are successfully completed and clients delighted. 

Finishing the project. We are nominated retailers and importers of high quality furniture, lighting, wall coverings, carpets and furnishings from Europe’s leading manufacturers. We can eliminate the chore of scouring the shops and the internet by proposing furniture and furnishing items we are confident will suit you,  your home and your budget.

.Importantly, empathising with the Client's thoughts, budgets and lifestyle creates a real foundation for Angela and her team to design and deliver a very personal scheme and an end result you will be delighted to come home to!

The best design is all in the detail.

Finishing your project? Please see our furniture & furnishings section.